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MAGIC PLUS is a leading brand of innovation, formulation and provision of high performance lubricants enabling and improving your vehicles life. We bring proven experience, deep technical knowledge and intense customer focus to bear on our customer’s toughest challenges, adding tangible value to products in a wide range of industries and applications.

We use most up to date spectrum analysis and ASTM test, which enable us to provide outstanding consultancy services to our customer. MAGIC PLUS brand is internationally recognized and trusted for its high performance and it is also known for its consistent quality and competitive pricing. We have the ISO Certified production facility and storage capacity in United Arab Emirates to provide uninterrupted supply and prompt short notice delivery.

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MAGIC PLUS has more has more than 1200 unique range where a need for the specialty is required. We cater to special application needs by mutual consultation, almost every demand can be met. Modern engine oils are not easily produced by all and MAGIC PLUS can meet the stringent requirements for automotive, marine engines and agricultural vehicles.
Our marketing department can help you in your areas to develop your marketing strategies and also guide you in comparisons of various brands of products and advantages. Our operations have doubled compared to past years and are expanding into global markets.
Being a European manufacturer, our ISO certified facilities in quality management, and our years of experience we guarantee you supreme quality and technically advantageous products delivered.

Our R&D department has expanded considerably in recent years, which has resulted in new products that have already proven their value in performance. We guide you on comparative case studies of lubrication and applications. Our laboratory facilities have also been thoroughly renovated and modernized for any innovative inventions with the most modern equipment to be able to perform the analyzes better.

The quality of the lubricating oil is often measured on the basis of official OEM approvals. MAGIC PLUS  has the latest and most OEM approvals and therefore holds a unique position.

We provide Pioneering performance in products and maintain a very high ethical standard . With our worldwide supplier network, we stock and distribute products to all the industry types and we cater to all major continuous production factories, engineering, hospitality & precise industries.
We redefine performance with ace excellence. We are trusted partners with ease of supplies Guided by our values, we will lead the way a healthy supply chain for today and tomorrow.

Grow your lubricant distributor business by supplying high-end lubricants to the world


To improve the performance of our lubricants in service and optimise their implementation, MAGIC PLUS provides a range of services and all its know-how.

Partners in your success, we advise you and support you on the following points:

  • Technical assistance
  • Analysis of your maintenance and process fluids
  • Supply of appropriate equipment to aid implementation of the lubricants
  • and even the development of a range of lubricants under your own brand


Investing heavily in the future, MAGIC PLUS has built its own blending facility so we have control over the quality throughout the whole blending process, so you benefit every step of the way.


We supply, you, our customers, with the specialist lubricants you may require; lubricants of superior quality, at affordable prices, and always with uncompromising value.


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